Characters, Creatures, & Wiggley Eyes

Every nail set has a story // occasion // meaning behind it. It may be a themed party, a special trip, a wedding, or an expression of things you love. That’s what makes nails so special and fun!

Luckily, I have been blessed to have some of the funkiest most eccentric, and most creatively open regular clients, and I have gotten to do some crazy cool character nail designs. Some of the recent requests I have gotten were: Dr. Seuss themed kid’s birthday party, Mickey & Minnie themed nails for a trip to Disney World, Minions from the movie Despicable Me and something animal related for a woman who works at the zoo. Here are the nail sets I came up with for these specific requests:

These are natural nail overlay gel nails. I used CalGel soft gel and LeChat glitter for the gradation. I created the 3D art of the Dr. Seuss hat, bow, Thing 1 & 2 from scratch with acrylic.

Another natural nail overlay. The soft gel is Trump Gel (a new totally awesome awesome soft AND hard gel brand recently launched by a Japanese company). I believe the glitter I used for the gradation was the brand, Purnelle and the black glitter was the brand, Eriko. I created the 3D Mickey & Minnie, glove, and bow from scratch with acrylic. The bow on Minnie is a sticker.

This is just plain nail polish and acrylic paint. Good ole’ flat art. Both yellow & blue polishes are China Glaze

Natural nail overlay with Trump Gel. I have seen a few animal nails done in a French nail type before, and got my inspiration based on that. This was one of those I had to think up of on-the-spot. It was so much fun!

Aside from specific character nails (3D and/or flat art), I have found that using “Wiggley Eyes” as a deco part, in Japan, has been one of the hottest trends. So, I sought out for some Wiggley eyes of my own. I found a variety pack at Walmart, but I probably could have found even smaller-sized ones at a craft store. Anyway, I was so excited to use these Wiggley eyes, I couldn’t do anything without thinking of characters perfect for them. I had my doubts about durability, but they apparently have withstood Zumba twice a week for over six weeks!
I have only used them on pedicures with regular nail polish; not gel.
1. I applied top coat over the finished polish.
2. Then, I put some nail glue directly on the back of the eyes.
3. Place where you like on the nail.
4. Press down firmly and hold it in place so it does not slide around.
5. Then, for assurance, I reapplied glue over the eyes and around the edges.
6. I let it dry for a few minutes, then applied top coat.
Here are the first two “Wiggley eye” nail designs I have done:

Pedi done all with polish. I cannot recall which ones exactly, but they were mostly China Glaze, plus…WIGGLEY EYES!! I drew the rest of the design with acrylic paint.

Cookie Monster from Sesame Street! O.P.I., acrylic paint for the chocolate chips, and I made the 3D cookies and the crumbs with acrylic powder.

My “Wiggley Eyes” collection. The variety pack came with some huge ones!

It is always such a great experience when you can step out of the box and be creative with your nail art. I am so grateful for these clients that have allowed me to do cool character nails. I hope you guys have enjoyed them as much as my clients and I have.

What type of fun character nails should I attempt next? What are your favorites or neatest creations? Don’t be afraid to be bold and try out something outrageous– especially pedicures! You’ll be surprised on how many compliments you will get.

Thanks for visiting! And remember to keep your claws modish!



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