Stars & Stripes

There are some prints in the fashion world that never rally go out of style– houndstooth, paisley, floral, plaid, etc. Well, same goes for nails. There are certain patterns that don’t really ever go out of style. For example, flowers, they always seem to be in fashion (even though I personally dislike flowers because the are so cliche and tourist-y). Or hearts, animal prints, and stars and stripes.

I have always loved the striped look– whether on clothiers or on nails. And, while they can come off as only a nautical summer nail design, you can change up the look by using different colors or changing up the width of the stripes. Monochrome stripes can have a more winter look; mix them up with a pop color like red or magenta or even metallic golds or silvers. Or, use brown and earthy tones to give it more of a fall look.

Stars are so flexible, they can be used anywhere and however. The smallest accent and details are usually what ties the whole nail design together. Place just one star on one nail or all nails for a subtle impact. Or, cluster a bunch of different sized stars only on one nail to create a focal point.

Stars and Stripes have endless design options. You can tell a different story just by changing up the width sizes, colors, and even direction of the stripes. The placement and size of stars can create totally different images. Get creative and try out your Stars and Stripes!

20120922-031653.jpg A regular manicure done with polish. The stars are stickers. This is a fun, playful use of the stripes. Just one thin glitter line on each nail, and a couple stars on select fingers for a little more oomph.

20120922-031707.jpg A twist to the regular nautical type design. We used darker & lighter colors, plus a glitter for the pedicure. Done with just polish and star stickers. The mix of the darker blue with the pastel colors breaks all the rules of seasonality.

20120922-031719.jpg Another pedicure design created using only polish. I used holograms to create the American flag. This was pretty simple to do considering it is just placing the holograms in a straight line. It’s just a bit time consuming and meticulous. But it really makes a blingy statement!

20120922-031737.jpg This is a natural nail overlay done with CalGel. There are two different color (#46 & #05) gradations and all over Purunelle glitter (#001). The black star stickers are used as a point detail and placed only on select nails.

20120922-031755.jpg Another natural nail overlay using CalGel . This is a funky type of stripes and stars, because the “stripes” are more like scallop trims. It’s curvy, and the colors are soft and bubbly. It reminds me of “Little Twin Stars.”

20120922-031747.jpg A very summery, nautical manicure done with polish. Same design as the pedicure shown earlier, but by changing the colors, we have a different seasonal feel.

With fall here and winter close behind, I can’t wait to see the different types of uses for stars, and the new, cool, and funky stripe concepts.

Thanks for visiting, and remember to keep your claws modish!



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