The Lonely Pedi

Since my exam date is coming up and I am cramming most of my free time with studying, I will leave you a quick short post until I can share a full one.

In my last post, I dedicated it to two of my favorite prints: stars and stripes. Well, as I shuffling through my albums, I stumbled upon one of my all time fave star designs…that I forgot to include. Whoops! I guess I have been more preoccupied than I thought.

Buuuuttttt….I promise I will have something useful up by tomorrow 09||26||12 for you guys! A hint: some “how-to’s” and a video tutorial!

In the meantime, I present to you…“The Lonely Pedi” (a continuation of Stars and Stripes.


20120925-042419.jpg Pedicure done with polish. A Fashion French: pink base // black tips. The stars are stickers, as usual. The dots are holograms.

Thanks for visiting, see you guys in a little while, and remember to keep your claws modish!



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