It’s October! And the request for Halloween nails are coming through.

Some people are looking to go all out on the Halloween theme. Others are looking for something a little more subtle.

Here are just a few of the Halloween themed nails I have done so far since I’ve been back to the salon.

20121012-192720.jpg This pedicure was done with polish and acrylic paint. The wiggly eyes are a bit bigger than the ones we normally use. Dracula, mummy, frankenstine, ghost, black widow, dripping blood, black cat, and jack-o-lantern.

20121017-214306.jpg This is a natural nail overlay gel set done with Trump Gel. The art is hand painted with acrylic paint. Paws prints, leopard print, cat’s face & day’s butt.

20121017-215639.jpg This is a semi-Halloween nail set. She wanted something for Halloween, but can wear after. A natural nail gel overlay using Trump Gel. Purple and silver deep French with black Eriko Nails hologram. I hand painted the paw prints and cat face with acrylic paint.

Halloween is just around the corner, stay safe and keep your claws ghoulishly modish!



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