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So…I’m back from my short hiatus. As I was perusing the newest nail magazines from Japan, and some of the cool nail apps for iPhone (“Girls Pic” & “Nail Book”) and I have found that the current nail trends for fall and going into winter are prints and textures. Textures which resemble fall and winter clothing fashion and prints (tweed, plaid, check, houndstooth, and paisley). Even some not-so-fall/winter textures like acid wash and sponging are very in.

With that being said, I have decided to do my toes navy with light blue sponging texture with gold, and my hands tweed. I actually cut my toe nails down. And my finger nails are my natural nails.

Both of these designs are fairly easy to do. The key to sponging is using the right colors together, and finding a sponge with the right texture. For more texture, you will want to use a sponge with more holes. It’s best to do light and dark colors. A good contrast if you want it to stand out. Different shade of the same color if you’re looking for something more subtle.

20121012-185854.jpg Here is my pedicure design. I smudged it a bit before it got dry. I didn’t notice until it was too late. I used all O.P.I. polishes.

For tweed, you need to pick a color scheme. Lay down your base color. Use three colors of paint for your tweed lines. Draw short thin lines vertically along the entire nail– first with one color, then the second, then the third. Then do the same lines going horizontally. Depending on how textured you want the tweed to look, you either increase or lessen the lines.

Natural nail gel overlay. Tweed deep French with some 3D stones. Gold Eriko holograms. Pink and grey theme (mix #05 & #06 and mix #01 & #04). CalGel


Take a look at your fall/winter closet for some nail inspirations.

Thanks for visiting and remember to keep your claws modish!


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