A Black & White Affair

With the winter season approaching, I have noticed that one of the more popular nail design theme is monochrome. Black and white, complimented with metallics like gold and silver is becoming to be the popular trend this season.

Monochrome is a great way to look classic, fresh, and edgy all at the same time. Adding a splash of color– like red, or sparkle with gold or silver glitter/hologram/stones can really enhance the look.

Another plus to black and white themed nails is that it matches just about anything. While you nails never have to match your clothes, it is nice knowing that your nail design/color won’t clash with any jewelry or outfit.

Just like a classic black and white photo can make a really strong statement, so can monochrome nails. Beautiful colors are always appreciated, but an occasional black and white affair will surely be a show stopper. From girly, to classy, to mod, to chic, to edgy, to classical, the monochrome nail trend is a sure way to turn heads this winter season.
20121106-040353.jpg This pedicure is done using polish. It is a pearly white gradation with hand painted angel wings and halo. 20121106-040530.jpg A natural nail gel overlay using Trump Gel (M001 & M901). Lace stickers, and black & iridescent white Eriko holograms. 20121106-040810.jpg Pedicure done using polish. Hand painted nail design. Added a touch of red as the pop color to emphasize, yet break up, the monochrome color theme.

20121106-040952.jpg Repost photo from the previous blog post . A natural nail overlay using Trump Gel (M001 & M901).

20121106-042215.jpg The pointer and ringer fingers are natural nail overlays, and the middle finger is a hard gel sculpture extension using Trump Gel . I added a touch of gold to make the design really stand out.

Try out your black & white nail affair with different prints. It will surely make a statement.
Thanks for visiting, and remember to keep your claws modish!



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