Color Blocking

Christmas has come and gone, and while it was fun…I am so beyond ready to do art besides Christmas themed.

A client came in the other day asking for a “surprise me” design. Since, apparently she has just done them all.

I was so excited I get to do something other than Christmas! I decided to go with bright colors, gold, some studs, and color block!
I used China glaze neon pink and a turquoise. For the orange, I used a summer-y O.P.I. polish.

Pedicure done using only polishes.

This was a quickie post, but I wanted to bring some “non-Christmas nail cheer”. Ha!

Thanks for visiting, and remember to keep your claws modish!



Sister Act

It’s been a really long while since my last post. I’m so sorry. It’s been a crazy end of the month, as in sure it has been for everyone.

Anyway, today, I had the pleasure of doing two nail sets back-to-back, for two very gorgeous & special sisters!

One of my besties is back from SF to visit again, and today I did her nails and her not-so-little-anymore little sister’s nails also. Last time she came, I did the Dripping Hearts design.
Today…well…she was slightly more ADD. But it turned out super fun and really cool!

Her sister planned it out more and had an underlying color scheme: blue, gold, black & white. Mega edgy yet glitzy.

I had so much fun with these girls. And it’s great when I have so much freedom with the art.

They both gave me a quick sketch of what they were thinking and then we worked around it. Making some changes along the way, too.

20121226-225058.jpg Top: Baby sis // Bottom: Big sis

Little Sis: Trump Gel & CalGel. Designs done with acrylic paint. Drips, holograms, glitter, stripes, & cheetah/leopard print!!

Big Sis: Trump Gel & CalGel. Coral, red, white, black, glitter, hologram, cross, polka dots, stripes, & cheetah/leopard.

Thank you for coming in, ladies!! I had tons of fun!!

I will do my best to be better about posting again. Thanks for being patient.
Thanks for visiting, and remember to keep your claws modish!