So, another design trend that is still on the scene and doesn’t seem to be leaving is: galaxy nails.

I swear, they have been in and are still in. I think they are going to be a trend though the summer and all the way to winter. Just with more bling in the winter.

I find it to be easier to do with gels rather than regular polish. But it can be achieved quite easily with both mediums. However, I think it stands out better with gels.


This set of gel nails for the hands are actually sculptured nails. I used the soak-off hard gel by Trump Gel to sculpt the nail. We extended her natural nail about 3x it’s natural free edge length. Pretty awesome. These lasted
her about 4.5 – 5 weeks.

20130628-213129.jpg The toes were actually also done using Trump Gel. This was a natural nail overlay pedi. For this galaxy nail client, I through on a hint of more pink-ish glitter and we also added some AB Swarovski stones to add more oomph to it.

Try out this trend for the summer. You can even use a different base color instead of black. Say a navy, or you could even try out a purple. Have fun with it.

Thanks for visiting, and remember to keep your claws modish!



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