Something Fishy…

One of the first few nail designs I did when I first moved to San Francisco was this “drop” design I learned at a CalGel training seminar.
First a color (generally a dark color) of gel is used. Then, a very thin/ translucent white layer of gel over the cured color layer is applied. Without curing that white layer, a drop of clear gel is gently placed at random. This creates a scale-y / mermaid-y design.
Since it was spring when I moved up here, I used lighter colors as the base. I recreated the design for a friend a few weeks later, using bright colors & gold.


Natural nail gel overlay using Trump Gel & CalGel.


Sculpted gel overlay using Trump Gel & CalGel.
This is a really fun design that allows you to get really creative and just have fun creating something unique. Play with different color combos and drop placements!

Thanks for visiting, and remember to keep your claws modish!



Alien Attacks

Just before I moved to the Bay Area in February, I had one of my former co-workers at the nail salon in Hawaii treat me by doing my nails for me. This was the last time I had serious claws. We went all out!

I had selected several nail designs I liked, and used them as inspiration. I’m really into aliens and super natural. I think alien shapes and images make for cool designs– clothes or nails. Eyes & Evil Eyes I am obsessed with! I even have an evil eye bracelet tattooed on my wrist, I have Evil Eye jewelry, & I’m always thinking about what “eye” things I can get. I’m also totally & beyond into triangles. They are definitely my favorite shape. Gold is my favorite metal color, and I just loved the pink & purple colors of the 3D cone shaped stones. They were perfect with monochrome color scheme I went with.
Shadé did such an amazing job on my nails!




This nail set was a natural nail overlay using CalGel and Trump Gel.

These nails don’t necessarily have an obvious theme, except monochrome, lines & outlines. Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match and flirt with the “weird”.

Thanks for visiting, & remember to keep your claws modish.


Happy Holidays!

It’s been a while! 2014 was a crazy one! I moved to CA and am starting everything from scratch. I haven’t been doing nails at all! Terrible– I know! But I finally got around to doing it just in time for Christmas.







If you noticed, my nails are short! My claws have been filed down to little shorties since June! It’s crazy but with my new job, it’s just impossible to keep my beautiful class intact.

This design was created using CalGel and Trump Gel. This nail set is a natural nail gel overlay. Gold & clear iridescent glitters with different sized gold hexagon Splash! brand holograms.

I’ll try to do better about doing nails & posting! Thanks for visiting! Happy Holidays & remember to keep your claws modish!