Shining Heart

Over the past few days, I have gotten requests for the same nail art at the salon by numerous people.

It’s a very cool summer-y look and the colors can work for Fourth of July. Maybe that’s the reason for its sudden popularity.

It’s a cute way to jazz up a simple design. These were all done with just regular polish.

20130630-123446.jpg I used O.P.I. white for the base, then painted just the tips with China Glaze blue glitter (I forgot the name of the color. But I am tempted to say it was Meteor Shower). I drew the heart with red acrylic paint then filled it in with Eriko Nails red holograms.

20130630-123745.jpg Again, I used O.P.I. white for the base with the hearts. The red is O.P.I. “Big Apple Red” and silver is from China Glaze. The hearts were created the same way.

O.P.I. white & “Big Apple Red”.

This design can have the inverted colors using white or silver holograms for the heart with a red base and still really pop. Other color combos would be fun, too.

I am used to doing pedicures with art using just polish, but it’s rare I do manicures with polish art, so this was fun. I usually work mostly with gels. But it’s nice to work with polish on occasion. Really tests your skills. (Though this one wasn’t very hard to do at all).

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So, another design trend that is still on the scene and doesn’t seem to be leaving is: galaxy nails.

I swear, they have been in and are still in. I think they are going to be a trend though the summer and all the way to winter. Just with more bling in the winter.

I find it to be easier to do with gels rather than regular polish. But it can be achieved quite easily with both mediums. However, I think it stands out better with gels.


This set of gel nails for the hands are actually sculptured nails. I used the soak-off hard gel by Trump Gel to sculpt the nail. We extended her natural nail about 3x it’s natural free edge length. Pretty awesome. These lasted
her about 4.5 – 5 weeks.

20130628-213129.jpg The toes were actually also done using Trump Gel. This was a natural nail overlay pedi. For this galaxy nail client, I through on a hint of more pink-ish glitter and we also added some AB Swarovski stones to add more oomph to it.

Try out this trend for the summer. You can even use a different base color instead of black. Say a navy, or you could even try out a purple. Have fun with it.

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It’s been a long while. I’m sorry. Things have been really crazy.

Lots of cool fashion trends this spring/summer. And camo is still in! So, I decided to take this trend onto my nails! I got the inspiration from one of my outfits.


20130627-040229.jpg The juxtaposition of tough camo with girly pink. Accented with gold accessories.



20130627-040550.jpg This is a natural nail over-lay using Trump Gel. Hot pink with camo. Gold accent studs & holograms heart. Blinged out skull charm to give it a girly-edgy look.

It’s a quick post, but that’s all I have time for right now. I’ll try to be more consistent again!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day, bloggers!!

Love is in the air, and the past few weeks at the salon have been many heart designs, pinks, reds, glitter, and love-themed.

Since V-Day and CNY (Chinese New Year) were so close this year, many of my clients did a combo using golds and reds and incorporated hearts into the design.

Aside from the usual red or pink glitter gradation, there have a few designs that have stood out to me. Here they are:


20130214-020642.jpg These are natural-nail overlays done using CalGel and Trump Gel colors. The lace and paisley motif was hand drawn with gel. This client is my oldest client by physical age, but she is my youngest at heart! Se has the most beautiful attitude and wonderful take on life. She is always dressed to the nines and always makes a grand entrance just by being so fabulous.


20130214-021022.jpg Another natural-nail overlay gel nails. Done using CalGel and Trump Gel colors. The holograms are Eriko Nails. The hearts are hand drawn with glitter gel. She works at the bar so her cuticle area are always really dry, and her nails take a beating, but she always makes a point to get them done and keep them looking good regardless. She selected the design. She said she found it on Pintrest.


20130214-021453.jpg A natural-nail overlay gel nails done using Trump Gel. One of my favorite clients! Ms. P works at the zoo. We always try to do an animal-themed nail design whenever she comes in. This month, we went with animal-print that’s not usually seen. This style is propulsion in Japan now, it’s like a cross between the-dye and marble. It is to make the animal print look more real and natural– almost like fur. I used red glitter gel to outline the deep French, and accented a few of the nails with heart holograms.

20130214-021832.jpg Another natural-nail gel overlay done using Trump Gel. This is for my really great friend, Ms. U! She is a bride-to-be who is taking time off from work to spend time with her fiancé before he gets deployed. I decided to send her off with some nail swag. We did a beige/nude gradation with mint holograms shaped into a heart.


20130214-022226.jpg This is a sculpture-nail overlay gel nails using Trump Gel. I used nail forms & soak-off hard gel (by Trump Gel) to sculpt and extend the length of her nails, since her natural nails were a tad too short to point. This was done for my friend, also Miss Chinatown Hawaii 2013! She picked out the famous Commes des Garçon logo as her v-day nail design.



20130214-022556.jpg Last, but not least: Ms. N! I have posted her nail designs in previous posts. She came to me this month with a CNY // VDay combo nail design in mind. This is a natural-nail design using CalGel base & Trump Gel colors and soak-off hard gel top sealer. I hand painted the hearts and word “LOVE” using glitter gel.

I hope all you bloggers have a fabulous Valentine’s Day! It’s not too late to go out and get your V-Day nail swag on!

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It’s a birthday celebration!

Last week Thursday was one of my best best best friends’s birthday. So, I decided I would get her nail-ready for a night out with her hubby.

She’s very much into art and loves Frieda Cahlo and the Dia de Los Muertos themes. About a year ago, I did a day of the dead skull print for myself and she really loved it. So, we decided to go with a pastel & sugar skull theme.

My girl is super super small. And unfortunately that comes with incredibly small fingernails. Not only that, but due to stress, she can’t keep her nails long at all. So, we had to put tip extensions on all 10 fingers and extend them a little. Her nails were too short, so I was unable to use a sculpting form, that’s why we used the plastics tips.

Anyone who is trained properly knows not to apply the tip on directly onto the nails, but rather lay a thin layer of gel onto the natural nail, then apply the tip. Tips are difficult bc they need to be sized correctly according to each nail. Applying the tips without air pockets is also key. And last, but not least, blending. Blending is very important and can also be difficult. Blending is especially important when painting the whole nail with gel bc if its not done perfectly, you will be able to see every imperfection.

I haven’t done too many extensions yet, so this was good practice for me. Luckily she is so patient and sat through with me. The end result came out pretty great, and best of all, my bestie loved it!


20130206-023905.jpg These are tip extension gel overlay using Trump Gel. The colors are CalGel. The holograms are by Eriko Nails, and I used to regular acrylic paint to hand draw the sugar skulls.

Happy birthday to my wonderful, beautiful bestie! She is an amazing friend, wife, and mother!

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Super Bowl Nails

Super Bowl 2013!
San Francisco Forty-Niners vs Baltimore Ravens.

Who are you rooting for?!

As soon as the two teams heading for the Super Bowl was announced, I had requests for designs. Here are a few:

20130204-045259.jpg Forty-Niners pedi done using polish and acrylic paint. All hand drawn.

20130204-045414.jpg Baltimore Ravens inspired nails done with gel. Purple, black, and gold.

20130204-045557.jpg natural nail gel overlay done using Trump Gel. Gold and purple glitter gradation and some Ravens stickers.

I hope you all eat well and party safe!
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Pop Nails

After, literally, hours of looking at and debating on designs, I decided on my first nail set of 2013. Whew.

Sometimes, I can easily get an idea on a design from inspiration from an outfit, or client’s nails, the weather, season, or even just a color.
Other times, it takes me forever to decide on something. Often times, this happens because I want to do everything, but I own limited colors of gels and/or nail art accessories.

This time, I had the latter and had a huge nailist’s block and couldn’t think if an exact design.

My mother just brought me back 5 new nail magazines from Japan and bunch of cool new gels, accessories, and holograms & glitters.
I think I was so excited about all my new toys that it made it harder for me to make a decision.

I ended up getting my inspiration from one of the new magazines, “Super Gel Nail, Design Maniax”:



I had to sub the yellow for something else because I haven’t gotten myself any yellow gel yet. Instead, I went with matte white with sprinkles of neon hologram. And instead of the star on the pink polka dot nails, I added on single stone. This is what I came up with:





20130113-031936.jpg These were done using CalGel (CG04; 18 mix 06), Trump Gel (Base; Hard top), and Naility Gel (matte white). The holograms come in one container with mix of neons and sheer neon flakes, and are by Splash.
I drew the hearts myself. They were done using gel– just like the polka dots.
And, of course, now that my nails are longer, I had to point them and shape stiletto nails. The claws are back!

My first nail set of 2013 are stiletto pop art nails! Happy New Year (again), y’all!

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Girly Girl

Sometimes we get so wrapped up with crazy art, we forget about the classic looks.
Simple is sweet. And simple is in.

Girly- girl look is easy to do, easy to work with, and you will never get bored. This type of style doesn’t mean you have to choose colors like pink or lavender. It can be a range of pastels– even white.
Of course, you can create girly designs like floral and dots. But you can make girly out of a simple deep french using a soft color and glitter or hologram to line it.

Today, I was lucky to do a new set for a sweet college student. It was her very first gel nails! She was a sweet girly-girl. So, she picked a really soft pastel pink, and a pearly white hologram in big and small sizes to line the deep French.
The design was very simple, but fresh and clean. A cute look.



20130107-014537.jpg Natural nail gel overlay using Trump Gel. Pink (M202)deep French w/ Eriko holograms.
**No filters on photos. Only added frames**

For the new year, maybe you want to try something simple, sweet, fresh , and girly like this. You’ll never get bored. And even if you do, you can always add to the design!

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A Sweet Treat

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of doing a really fun design I have not yet done: cupcakes!

Ms. M has coming to me for about 6-7 months now. She always tries new things, and she brings in pictures and designs of what she is thinking. We take bits and pieces and put together our own take. I love this about her. I also love how perfectly made her nails are for square shape.

She loves red, and this time, she really wanted to do cupcakes. So, we decided to do a red color matte gradation, and a pink matte color gradation for the cupcake base. We chose to do the dot sprinkles with acrylic to give it an embossed look. And, the cherry on the top is a red Swarovski crystal.

Lets just hope, Ms. M doesn’t get in trouble at work for having “flashy nails.”

So here is a sweet treat for those with a sweet tooth…er…nails!


20130104-165248.jpg A natural nail overlay using Trump Gel. #M402, #M208, #M207, #M001. **There are no filters. Just frames.**

While flipping through the web for cupcake ideas, I ran into tons of different styles. Try out different color combos, medias, textures, and designs. The possibilities are endless.
I had so much fun with this. Maybe I can do a “sweets themed” nail set next!

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!

I spent both NYE and the first working at the salon. I have no complaints about it, I love doing nails and both days were fairly busy.

I did many silver, gold, black, and navy nails. Lots of glitter gradations and even fashion frenches.

Here are some of my favorites that I did on New Year’s Day.
I chose these to post because they are simple, yet unique. They aren’t quite the same glitzy-glam level as the typical new year’s nail designs.

20130102-235100.jpg This pedicure was done using O.P.I. nail polish and Eriko holograms. It’s a pink-beige base with dark pink and silver AB holograms.

20130102-235244.jpg A natural nail gel overlay done using Trump Gel. An almost neon pink gradation and a champagne gold glitter “party nail”. One clear Swarovski crystal stone at the base of each nail for accent. It was her first time getting gel nails!

20130102-235514.jpg Another natural nail gel overlay done using Trump Gel. I mentioned Ms. N in previous posts. This is her newest choice of design. It is 2 types of green and white marble. Mint and jade greens. And we used Swarovski crystals in blue, clear, and silk.

It’s the new year; how will you celebrate your nails?

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