Bling On!

The season for glitter, sequin, and all things blingy is just starting to come through. Buuuuttt…unlike fashion, blinged out nails are always in. Always.

Whether it is a trip to Vegas, a birthday celebration, a wedding, or just because…well…you love bling, glitzy, shiny, and sparkly nails are the perfect accessory.

Personally, I love all things shiny. Whether it be stones, sequin, glitter, or holograms, I just need to have it. Glitz is my addiction. Pair that with my obsession with nails, and I might as well be a serious junkie. So, when I meet clients who love shiny things as much as I do, I get beyond excited.

Stones and– especially charms, can tend to become a challenge as far as getting them to stay on. It can be an even more difficult task when you are using regular polish instead of soft or hard gel. Here are my tips and methods for applying and keeping stones and charms on using polish and glue:

1. Apply top coat over the second coat of polish. You can use base coat if you have multiple stones to place and want to move them around. Base coat seems to slide the stones or holograms with more ease then top coat.
2. Place your stones/charms/holograms where you like. Once you are sure of placement, press down firmly.
3. Apply a coat of nail glue over of and around the edges of the deco piece.
4. Let dry and apply top coat. If you are worried, apply a second coat of glue to give yourself a peace of mind.
5. If you really want to upkeep and ensure that your bling stays intact, apply top coat once a week.

When dealing with gels, your bling tends to have a longer lifespan. However, it can be tricky, because the application of gels can change the shape and look of the stone. Here are some tips for applying your bling using gels:

1. Apply a thin light coat of clear gel and place your stone/holo/charm.
2. Make sure you are completely certain of the placement and positioning, then cure.
3. Dab around the object(s) with clear gel and make sure you fill any spaces/cover any sharp edges of the charm, then cure.
4. Apply a thin coat of gel over the deco, and cure.
** Some larger or slippery charms may be better applied with acrylic. Apply a layer of acrylic over the gel, place the charm, then cure. Steps 3-4.

My client was going to Las Vegas to celebrate her “Dirty Thirty”! She just wanted glitzy, unique, funky nails. Her birthday suit was a lacey black romper & gold accessories. So we incorporated lace and gold in her nail design to compliment her outfit. This is a natural nail overlay using Trump Gel, and glitter was Eriko. Stones are Swarovski.

This is another natural nail overlay. The soft gel brand is CalGel, glitters were Eriko. Swarovski stones.

Again, another natural nail overlay using CalGel (mixed #46 & #51), color gradation with clear Eriko glitter (#001) all over. This design is one of my favorites. It is subtle, but the accents with the stones and bullions give it some oomph. Stones are acrylic stones.

This was done with just polish and glue. I love the color scheme and the way they shine. Most of the stones are acrylic stones. Some are Swarovski.

This is a foot gel design. It is CalGel with Purnelle glitter. The flower on the big toes are charms, and the smaller ones, I made using holograms.

This client is one of my favorites. She is the sweetest person ever. She told me that she always felt her toes and fingers were “beastly.” But after doing this very first design for her, she could not stop smiling, and came back to tell me she bought bunch of new open toes and had so many compliments on her toes! She wasn’t so self conscious anymore. This was done using polish and glue. The crystals are all Swarovski.

Natural nail overlay with CalGel. Glitters came in a tower of like six colors from Claire’s. Stones are all acrylic; I bought them in a pack from Walmart. These are my nails.

My client wanted a “cool summer” look. Natural nail overlay using Trump Gel. Color gradation with Purnell glitter all over. I’m sorry, I can’t remember the color numbers. The stones are Swarovski.

Another natural nail overlay. Trump Gel Actually, this is a 2-week fill. The original design is all10 fingers with the black “heart” design. she came in for a fill and wanted to juste pump up the design a bit. We through some Eriko holograms on it.

This is a tip & sculpture gel extension overlay using CalGel #05 & #04. For the sculpture, I used Bio Sculpture Gel. Deep French with acrylic stones, and charms from Korea. This is a girl who just loves the bling. She asked me to “go all out.”

Which style is most you? How much bling is for you?
Whatever it may be, keep in mind that it’s always in season for glitzy nails.
Bling on!

Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoyed it. And remember, don’t forget to keep your claws modish!