Happy Holidays!

It’s been a while! 2014 was a crazy one! I moved to CA and am starting everything from scratch. I haven’t been doing nails at all! Terrible– I know! But I finally got around to doing it just in time for Christmas.







If you noticed, my nails are short! My claws have been filed down to little shorties since June! It’s crazy but with my new job, it’s just impossible to keep my beautiful class intact.

This design was created using CalGel and Trump Gel. This nail set is a natural nail gel overlay. Gold & clear iridescent glitters with different sized gold hexagon Splash! brand holograms.

I’ll try to do better about doing nails & posting! Thanks for visiting! Happy Holidays & remember to keep your claws modish!




Holiday Nails: Part II

“Jingle bells, jingle bells…”

Aaaaaannddd…I’m back with part 2 of the holiday nails post; a continuation of “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” post.
In this blog post, I’ll show the holiday nail designs done so far for this year.

20121123-220031.jpg Snow Leopard! A natural nail gel overlay using Trump Gel . White (M001) gradation with all over clear Eriko glitter (001), & brown leopard print. Print drawn with acrylic paint.

20121124-215205.jpgPedicure done w/ Trump Gel. One side dark green (M109)& gold glitter, the other dark red (M409)& gold glitter. A 3D Santa hat on one big toe, and 3D wreath on the other.

20121124-212009.jpg A natural nail overlay done using, again, Trump Gel. A subtle pearly//shimmery white (P001)gradation with a red (mix M402 & P001) ribbon & gold glitter trim design. I drew the red lines freehand with gel.

20121124-212218.jpg Gel nails. Simple gold glitter gradation w/ red & silver star holograms. Matching toes below.

20121124-212342.jpg Pedi was done with regular polish. We did a gold glitter gradation to match the hands. Also added red & silver star holograms.

20121124-212506.jpgAhhhh…one of my proudest works of art. This client, Ms. P, works at the zoo and always let’s me be creative. She just sits there and waits for the results. We used to always have an animal theme going, but since it is the holiday season, I decided to just draw different holiday characters and symbols on each nail. The base is a natural nail gel overlay done using Trump Gel. White (M001)& blue (M711)color gradation w/ clear Eriko (001) glitter all over. Each of the designs were hand drawn using acrylic paint, and I used some star and circular holograms to add a blingy touch to them.

20121124-212513.jpg Top (L-R): “JOY,” gingerbread man & candy cane, wreath w/ holograms, and bells & present w/ few holograms. Bottom (L-R): Christmas tree w/holograms, Rudolph w/ hologram to make a dimensional nose, snowman w/ snowflake & snow, and mistletoe.

20121124-214627.jpg Mrs. Claus & Mr. Claus!!

Aaaaannnnnddddd…finally…my own holiday nails:



20121124-215557.jpg My claws are finally growing again! Yay! Baby claws done using Trump Gel & CalGel. Left hand is red plaid with a ring finger bedazzled. Right hand is green plaid with a gold glitter ring finger w/a bow charm. The base on both hands are a tan/nude color (M802) deep French. I used CalGel red (CG18) & white (CG01) and Trump Gel green (M715) to draw the lines for the plaid. I used Eriko white small holograms to line the deep French.

Well, that’s all the holiday nails I’ve done so far. I can’t wait to get more holiday requests! Channel your inner artist and welcome the holiday with creative designs of your own. Feel free to let me know if you would like to see how I did any of these designs. I am trying to work on some “how-to” posts, but am still in the process of thinking of subject matter.

Thanks for visiting, and remember to keep your claws modish!


“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christ-maaaaas~”

I have already been getting several holiday nail requests, since the gel nails last for such a long time. 95% of my clients wear gel nails, and they have been coming in to me since the beginning of the month to get their holiday nails started. As mentioned in the previous post, gel nails can last for 4-6 weeks without fills, and if filled, even longer. Therefore, I have done some designs that are all-out-Christmas for clients who plan to wear it for the rest of the year, and some simpler designs for those who plan to fill.

I only did a few holiday designs last year, and so I am excited that I have been getting more original holiday design requests this year. I am pumped to do even more than designs as it becomes closer to Christmas!

One thing I love about holiday designs is the many different options you have. It seems repetitive because its the same color schemes: white, blue, red, green, silver, and gold. And everyone wants snowflakes, stars, and poinsettias. However, when you think about it, you CAN get creative. The options are endless: Starry night, winter wonderland, Santa & the Northpole, glamour & glitz, argyle, plaid, holiday present, Disney Christmas, Hanukkah, and the list goes on. Have a go with your holiday nail designs! Don’t limit yourself to the usual suspects– think outside the box and get creative.

Here are some holiday nails from last year:

20121123-204302.jpg This pedicure is a simple gradation done with polish. Glitzy red glitter.

20121123-204439.jpg (Sorry it’s so blurry). Some Christmas-y 3D pieces I made with acrylic powder.

20121123-204541.jpg This one is actually a fill done over a natural nail overlay. She had a pinkish colored glitter gradation originally, and I added some goldfish glitter, and some red and gold holograms to make it more holiday. I used CalGel for this gel nailset.

20121123-205049.jpg This one is also a fill over a natural nail gel overlay done using CalGel. She wanted to go “super Christmas” with her nails. This one was done 2.5 weeks before Christmas. This is one of my favorites. It is so glitzy and festive.

20121123-205716.jpg A holiday pedicure done using polish. Dark red color with silver glitter over, and some snowflake stickers.


20121123-210017.jpg A natural nail gel overlay using CalGel. This design is very sentimental for me. I “inherited” this client, Ms. C, from my mentor & her former nail tech. In fact, her first nail tech was my nail academy teacher. I was so honored to be her new technician, since they are both amazing technicians and superior artists. This was my very first nailset with Ms. C. She never has an idea in mind, and she does not bring any designs, nor pick one out of the salon’s design books, and I am lucky if she gives me a hint on what color schemes she wants. I found this design idea from one of the iPhone nail apps, called Girls Pic. I did a simple glitter gradation, then I hand painted the design and used silver ab holograms to accent the design. Mrs. C is a very inspiring woman. 86– going on 87 and she is still so full of life. She always gives me life advice, and she is always dressed impeccably, from her hair to nails, clothes to accessories. Wonderful woman and client. She always challenges me as a nailist to creative original designs.

Stayed tuned for part 2 of this blog: This year’s designs. Coming soon.

Thanks for visiting, and remember to keep your claws modish!