Poppin’ pink

Think pink! The last few clients wanted show stopping designs that were pink, flirty, and girly. Enjoy!







All designs done with Trump Gel.

Get flirty and pop some pink on!

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Girly Girl

Sometimes we get so wrapped up with crazy art, we forget about the classic looks.
Simple is sweet. And simple is in.

Girly- girl look is easy to do, easy to work with, and you will never get bored. This type of style doesn’t mean you have to choose colors like pink or lavender. It can be a range of pastels– even white.
Of course, you can create girly designs like floral and dots. But you can make girly out of a simple deep french using a soft color and glitter or hologram to line it.

Today, I was lucky to do a new set for a sweet college student. It was her very first gel nails! She was a sweet girly-girl. So, she picked a really soft pastel pink, and a pearly white hologram in big and small sizes to line the deep French.
The design was very simple, but fresh and clean. A cute look.



20130107-014537.jpg Natural nail gel overlay using Trump Gel. Pink (M202)deep French w/ Eriko holograms.
**No filters on photos. Only added frames**

For the new year, maybe you want to try something simple, sweet, fresh , and girly like this. You’ll never get bored. And even if you do, you can always add to the design!

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Fill Me Up!

Client N came to me at the salon 4 weeks ago. It was her first time coming to the salon, and it was her first time ever trying the gel enhancements. She was very excited and very open-minded.

Ms. N is such a cheerful and sweet client, I love working on her.

Her first time, she stuck with colors she is familiar with: blues, grays, blacks, and whites. We did a baby blue diagonal color gradation with blue, white, silver, and clear iridescent star holograms for her hand.
For her feet, we used a periwinkle color by China Glaze, with cobalt blue holograms designed as flowers. (I forgot to take a picture of her feet. Sorry).

20121112-052803.jpg A natural nail gel overlay using Trump Gel. It is a diagonal color gradation with star holograms. (Done 4 weeks ago).

On Sunday, exactly 4 weeks later, Ms. N came back to see me to do a fill color change, and also to have a pedicure. She picked her pedicure design out a Japanese magazine. It was posted as a design for fingernails, so I had to tweak the design a little bit to accommodate it for her feet.

20121112-140517.jpg Pedicure done using polish. Pink, blue, & black polishes. Silver glitter polish line. Silver iridescent holograms.

So, this time, Ms. N decided to do a fill and change her design to the tweed design I posted before. We just changed out the gold holograms for the iridescent silver holograms to match her pedicure. We didn’t remove the blue gradation nails, we just covered that design with this pink and grey tweed nails. Ms. N totally stepped out of her norm and comfort zone to try out this nail design. She has never done pink nails before, she said to me. I am so honored that she remembered and loved my tweed nails from the time she first came in, and requested the same design for her fill.

20121113-010531.jpg Gel nail fill and design change done using pink & grey Trump Gel. Black, grey, & white acrylic paints were used to draw the tweed design. Holograms are Eriko brand. (Done on Sunday 11/11/12).

Ms. N will be back again in about 4 weeks to have another fill done. I am excited to see what she picks next! I know it will be a darker color or glitter, though. Because fills can’t go lighter in color; only darker. I will keep you guys posted on Ms. N’s nail adventures in about 4 weeks. Stay tuned!

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