Shining Heart

Over the past few days, I have gotten requests for the same nail art at the salon by numerous people.

It’s a very cool summer-y look and the colors can work for Fourth of July. Maybe that’s the reason for its sudden popularity.

It’s a cute way to jazz up a simple design. These were all done with just regular polish.

20130630-123446.jpg I used O.P.I. white for the base, then painted just the tips with China Glaze blue glitter (I forgot the name of the color. But I am tempted to say it was Meteor Shower). I drew the heart with red acrylic paint then filled it in with Eriko Nails red holograms.

20130630-123745.jpg Again, I used O.P.I. white for the base with the hearts. The red is O.P.I. “Big Apple Red” and silver is from China Glaze. The hearts were created the same way.

O.P.I. white & “Big Apple Red”.

This design can have the inverted colors using white or silver holograms for the heart with a red base and still really pop. Other color combos would be fun, too.

I am used to doing pedicures with art using just polish, but it’s rare I do manicures with polish art, so this was fun. I usually work mostly with gels. But it’s nice to work with polish on occasion. Really tests your skills. (Though this one wasn’t very hard to do at all).

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So, another design trend that is still on the scene and doesn’t seem to be leaving is: galaxy nails.

I swear, they have been in and are still in. I think they are going to be a trend though the summer and all the way to winter. Just with more bling in the winter.

I find it to be easier to do with gels rather than regular polish. But it can be achieved quite easily with both mediums. However, I think it stands out better with gels.


This set of gel nails for the hands are actually sculptured nails. I used the soak-off hard gel by Trump Gel to sculpt the nail. We extended her natural nail about 3x it’s natural free edge length. Pretty awesome. These lasted
her about 4.5 – 5 weeks.

20130628-213129.jpg The toes were actually also done using Trump Gel. This was a natural nail overlay pedi. For this galaxy nail client, I through on a hint of more pink-ish glitter and we also added some AB Swarovski stones to add more oomph to it.

Try out this trend for the summer. You can even use a different base color instead of black. Say a navy, or you could even try out a purple. Have fun with it.

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It’s been a long while. I’m sorry. Things have been really crazy.

Lots of cool fashion trends this spring/summer. And camo is still in! So, I decided to take this trend onto my nails! I got the inspiration from one of my outfits.


20130627-040229.jpg The juxtaposition of tough camo with girly pink. Accented with gold accessories.



20130627-040550.jpg This is a natural nail over-lay using Trump Gel. Hot pink with camo. Gold accent studs & holograms heart. Blinged out skull charm to give it a girly-edgy look.

It’s a quick post, but that’s all I have time for right now. I’ll try to be more consistent again!

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